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Child Protection​

Grants received and sponsorships offered are channeled towards causes that ensure our children spend less time in the streets and more time in schools.

Child Empowerment

We strive to ensure children are ready to face the real world through training on different life skills and competencies necessary for their day-to-day survival.

Unite & Grow Families

Our team members work tirelessly to train parents and guardians on parenting (Integrated Responsible Parenting) skills that ensure children grow in a conducive environment.

Healthy Children

Hands of Care and Hope provides food and clean water to children under our care to guarantee reduced chances of malnutrition cases among the children.

Give every child, Quality...

Education, Training and Life Skills

Children coming from low-income households are considered At Risk Children. This is because the odds of life are stacked against them in their transition to adulthood. These children have the highest likelihood of dropping out of school and are exposed to various forms of societal ills including crime, violence and drug abuse. At Hands of Care and Hope- FMSA, we have the interest of every child at heart. We have a child protection policy that gives guidance on safeguarding children in our schools and the role of members of staff in ensuring the safety of children in our schools. Every school has a child protection officer in charge of safeguarding and protecting children in our schools. Our Primary and Secondary schools have children clubs that focus on sensitizing learners about their rights as children and where to seek assistance when they feel their rights are being violated.

Our Focus

CBC Practical Lessons Hnads of Hop and Care

Education Program

Our Education initiatives focus on ensuring children from families with low economic backgrounds attain quality education...

Directors Address Hands of Care and Hope

Training Program

We are committed to ensure better outcomes in life for disadvantaged children. Our training program is divided into...

Crop Farming at Juja Farm Hands of Care and Hope

Advancing Sustainability

Juja farm is one of the Hands of hope and care sustainability projects. We have commercialized several agricultural...

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